Now that you have told us a bit about how you use transportation in Menlo Park, we want to hear from you in more detail about how you use different modes of transportation. What you need to know:

  • There are four stations where you can provide input on specific modes of transportation: driving, riding transit, biking or walking.
  • Scroll down through each station to answer questions and provide a comment on a specific location using the map.
  • If you do not use a certain mode of transportation, feel free to move to the next station and leave the questions blank. 
  • Don't forget to hit submit to ensure we see your valuable responses!

Menlo Park - Biking

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Why do you ride a bike in Menlo Park? (check all that apply)
If you commute to or from Menlo Park by bike, where are you commuting to and from?
What time of day do you typically bike in, and around, Menlo Park? (check all that apply)
Do your children bike to school?
If you are not a frequent bike rider, are there factors that prevent you, or your children, from riding your bike more frequently? (check all that apply)


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